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Industrial Security Training

Industrial Security Training

RISM - Industrial Security courses are based on most demanded advanced knowledge, latest information, live project training, highly qualified, decades experienced faculty members, from security background, administration, intelligence IT, cyber security experts etc.. RISM - Faculty teach the latest concepts of security & surveillance technologies based on market research, which generate more job opportunities in India and abroad.

Business Oriented Training
Security Man Power Business Start-up (PSAR Act 2005, 2009)
Security Training Business Start-up (PSAR Act 2005, 2009)
Security Product Business Start-up (MSME & GEM)

Special Training
  • Metal and Explosive Detection & Frisking
  • Explosive Knowledge, Detection & Control
  • Fake Documents Detection & Verification
  • Manpower / Employee Documentation & Verification
  • X-Ray Baggage Checking, Detection & Control 
  • Human Behavior Analysis & Smart Reporting
  • Suspicious Activities Monitoring & Smart Reporting
  • CCTV Security Basic Information & Prevention
  • CCTV Security Installation Technician
  • Advance CCTV Security Installation Technician
  • Professional CCTV Security Installation Technician
  • CCTV - Security Control Room Operators
  • CCTV Security Video Footage Auditors
  • Risk & Vulnerability Assessment
Access Control - Time & Attendance
  • Smart Card
  • Bio metric Device
  • Face Detection
  • Mobile Handset Location, Time & Attendance
Professional Training
  • Fire Prevention, Extinguishing & Control
  • Digital Photo ID based Visitor Management
  • Vehicle Security & Parking Management
  • Vehicle Security & Parking Management - Smart (VSPM) - 1 Day - 4 Hrs
  • Visitor Management & Security Arrangement - Smart (VMSA) - 1 Day - 4 Hrs
We believe on
"No Matter How Clever Criminal, Someone Must Leave Evidence"
We assure our truly trained candidates will be capable to find the crime & evidence, will prevent timely, so there may not be heavy loss.
RISM, Extra Ordinary Security Training Courses are designed by most reputed, experienced security professionals as per study, research, present environment and market demands
Course Objective
"Secure Places with Techno-Innovative Methodologies"
We understand
Only Security is not enough, just think what more you may and, see, control and improve but How?
We Teach - how, what more our candidates may find, see, control & improve to prevent.
Security arrangement must be combination of dedicated, disciplined man & hi-tech machines.

To Enroll, Course prospectus, application forms & registration are available online on payment basis @ Rs. 500/- only.

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We believe in...
"No matter how clever criminal,
someone must leave evidence"...
Only security arrangements are not enough
We advise & teach
what more you may find, see, control & improve to prevent incidents 

D. C. Srivastava
Group of Security Advisors

CCTV Security & Surveillance
"Only CCTV - Camera Installation Is Not Enough"
There Must Be "Reliable Securitas Technical Training Institute" Trained CCTV - Watchman - Operators & Assessment Professionals.
To Assess Suspicious Activities & Quickly Capable To Communicate, Concern & Prevent Incidents...
Security must be designed by experienced, true security professionals not only by traders & corrupt careless officials or people.

D. C. Srivastava

Election 2019 - Security Arrangements
Complete Safety, Security & Surveillance Arrangements
During Elections
We offer to provide complete Man & Machine Based Security & Surveillance Arrangements
What? Where? Why? When But How?
To Prevent, Prepare & Deploy
We Will Provide Truly Educated & Trained Security Professionals & Operators with Intelligence & Quick Performers
Have 24x7 Control & Full 360 Degree Safety : Security : Surveillance
Under The Guidance
D. C. Srivastava
Security Professional - Since 1993

Industrial Security Training

Welcome to RISM (Reliable Institute of Security Management)

Get Certified - Security Operation Professional, CCTV Security Operator, CCTV Security Maintenance Technician, IT & Networking Professional

We provide 100% job oriented professional training programs in most growing security education sector.

Grow More, Get Many Opportunities, High Salaries & Bright Future in India & Abroad.

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Reliable Institute of Security Management

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Industrial Security Training
GSA - Total Security Solutions
Our Aim is to provide Fear Free, Trouble Free India, Best Security Education, Training and Professional Security Business Consultancy Services.
We are offering 100% Job Orientated Professional Training Modules with Certificate of Excellence to get opportunities in Various Retail, Corporate, IT & Security Sector, candidates may choose best trending courses: 
Safety, Security & Surveillance Engineering Courses
Entry Gates Metal Detection, Frisking & Checking Training
CCTV Security Operation, Installation Technicians Training
CCTV Security Video Footage Assessment & Audit Training
CCTV Security Video Footage Investigation Forensic Training
Biometric Device Operation & Installation Technicians Training
Software Design, Development & Programming Training
Android Applications Design & Development Training
        Other Trending Professional Courses.


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