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HR & Administrative Services
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GSA has been providing HR Administrative Services in India for more than 10 years. Our expertise in the HR domain and the wide-ranging geographical footprints strongly positions us as a prominent regional HR Administrative service provider and a partner of choice for our clients. 
In India, today, the globalization of the workplace has become a full-fledged reality for almost all Segments of work economy, bringing about a dramatic expansion of the scope of Workforce Management and a whole host of new organizational challenges. Only technology and capital do not provide a competitive edge to an organization and the next frontier of competitive advantage for any organization is Talent and People.
We at GSA helping your organizations to develop, deploy and re-design, its HR processes and systems. Human Resource is a job of an expert and it is best to leave to those who identify with the different shades of employees behavior.
We suggest & assist our corporate clients to:
  • Develop & Design HR Policies.
  • Align HR With Business Strategy
  • Improve Efficiency By Organizational Restructuring.
  • Drive Growth Using Custom Tailored Incentive Plans.
  • Identify Skill Gap By Human Capability Assessment.
  • Build Business Contingency Using Business Planning.
  • Enhance HR Process Efficacy By Deploying Best Practices
  • Attract And Retain Key Talent By Developing Appropriate Reward Systems.
  • Improve Productivity Through Effective Performance Management Systems.
  • Evaluate And Implement Technology To Institutionalize And Simplify HR Processes.
  • Determine Compensation of Critical Staff Using Our Position Specific Salary Benchmarking
GSA may support you in these various HR Administrative functions under:
  • HR Operations
  • Time & Attendance
  • Leave Management
  • Workforce Relations
  • Workforce Administration
  • Labor audits and inspections
  • Human Resource Compliance
  • Regional Payroll Outsourcing
  • Reimbursement Administration
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Retirement Benefits Administration
  • Payroll and Benefit Administration
  • Records keeping and reconciliation
  • Human Resource Compliance Audit

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We believe in...
"No matter how clever criminal,
someone must leave evidence"...
Only security arrangements are not enough
We advise & teach
what more you may find, see, control & improve to prevent incidents 

D. C. Srivastava
Group of Security Advisors

CCTV Security & Surveillance
"Only CCTV - Camera Installation Is Not Enough"
There Must Be "Reliable Securitas Technical Training Institute" Trained CCTV - Watchman - Operators & Assessment Professionals.
To Assess Suspicious Activities & Quickly Capable To Communicate, Concern & Prevent Incidents...
Security must be designed by experienced, true security professionals not only by traders & corrupt careless officials or people.

D. C. Srivastava

Election 2019 - Security Arrangements
Complete Safety, Security & Surveillance Arrangements
During Elections
We offer to provide complete Man & Machine Based Security & Surveillance Arrangements
What? Where? Why? When But How?
To Prevent, Prepare & Deploy
We Will Provide Truly Educated & Trained Security Professionals & Operators with Intelligence & Quick Performers
Have 24x7 Control & Full 360 Degree Safety : Security : Surveillance
Under The Guidance
D. C. Srivastava
Security Professional - Since 1993

Industrial Security Training

Welcome to RISM (Reliable Institute of Security Management)

Get Certified - Security Operation Professional, CCTV Security Operator, CCTV Security Maintenance Technician, IT & Networking Professional

We provide 100% job oriented professional training programs in most growing security education sector.

Grow More, Get Many Opportunities, High Salaries & Bright Future in India & Abroad.

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Reliable Institute of Security Management

Congratulations Sri Narendra Modi JI
Congratulations Sir
Sri Narendra Modi Ji
Directed BJP for Beautiful Historical Victory
Election 2019

Wonderful Sir
I congratulate again...

Industrial Security Training
GSA - Total Security Solutions
Our Aim is to provide Fear Free, Trouble Free India, Best Security Education, Training and Professional Security Business Consultancy Services.
We are offering 100% Job Orientated Professional Training Modules with Certificate of Excellence to get opportunities in Various Retail, Corporate, IT & Security Sector, candidates may choose best trending courses: 
Safety, Security & Surveillance Engineering Courses
Entry Gates Metal Detection, Frisking & Checking Training
CCTV Security Operation, Installation Technicians Training
CCTV Security Video Footage Assessment & Audit Training
CCTV Security Video Footage Investigation Forensic Training
Biometric Device Operation & Installation Technicians Training
Software Design, Development & Programming Training
Android Applications Design & Development Training
        Other Trending Professional Courses.


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