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We Request !
Have You
Today Reviewed Your Safety - Security - Surveillance Arrangements
If "NOT"
Please make a habit to Review & Audit daily
We advise & request responsible people to have a true assessment of your places, environment, mobile, life saving gadgets etc. places, where security is required
Everyday & Today To Secure
Life, People, Privacy, Property, Surroundings
Please Check Daily, Your Present Safety, Security, Surveillance arrangements, may not be updated as per today's environment

We at Group of Security Advisors (GSA) are sincerely and responsibly monitoring, recording, analyzing, surroundings to protect your belongings 24*7 on behalf of you by
most advanced, capable, trained "Man & Machine" based true security solutions.
We Assure GSA 24*7 Ready & Prepared To Secure
Its Members, Clients During Emergency, Problems To Check, Assess, Detect & Then Smartly Respond with Smart Incident Reporting System etc.
We believe in...
"No Matter How Clever Criminal, Someone Must Leave Evidence"...
Group of Security Advisors
(Security Should Never Sleep)
We are experiencing, crime graph & terrorism in world around exceeding day by day, some very serious issues faced by society, administration, government, police and law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, health centers and other establishments. Many security surveys reported many issues, we need true security management and require most advanced up gradation day by day with advance security skills, policies, innovations and we need the trained, innovative, active, disciplined and dedicated technical security professionals.
Now Indian market requires, millions of safety, security, surveillance systems installation, operation, security technology maintenance professional, CCTV  - professionals, competent technical - supervising forces to prevent.

We need to develop scientific man and machine based security arrangements.
In this connection and to secure our nation & people, we have started in early 2005, under the guidance of most reputed experienced army officers, police officers and techno-innovative security professionals to promote the best, safe, advanced, techno-innovative security products, services, education, advance security engineering training programs etc.
Our Vision
"To Serve & Protect Our Nation & People"
High Quality, most reliable and user friendly economical, techno - innovative total safety, security & surveillance products, services, advance security education and job oriented training programs, turnkey project consultancy, security survey, audit, latest technology concept and products Promotions, organizing informative Seminars, government policies, information's, notifications, business promotions, Trade Fair etc.
We safety, security and surveillance experts, professional security surveyors & auditors understand it well

Have A Very Safe & Secured Day : Be Alert - Be Secured
Only security arrangements are not enough - You need to update Daily
We advise & teach what more you may find, see, control & improve to prevent
Life - People - Privacy - Information - Property - Assets

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Proud to be Indian
I Salute...
My Dear True Hero
My Respected Prime Minister Sir

We the true citizens of great India, is with you, your team & army - paramilitary forces...
We feel proud...India is in safe hands 
We know and giving unconditional true supports 247...
True Powerful People Believe In Humanity...

Proud to be Indian.

D. C. Srivastava
Group of Security Advisors

We believe in...
"No matter how clever criminal,
someone must leave evidence"...

Only security arrangements are not enough

We advise & teach
what more you may find, see, control & improve to prevent incidents 

D. C. Srivastava
Group of Security Advisors

CCTV Security & Surveillance
"Only CCTV - Camera Installation Is Not Enough"
There Must Be "Reliable Securitas Technical Training Institute" Trained CCTV - Watchman - Operators & Assessment Professionals.

To Assess Suspicious Activities & Quickly Capable To Communicate, Concern & Prevent Incidents...

Security must be designed by experienced, true security professionals not only by traders & corrupt careless officials or people.

D. C. Srivastava
Reliable Securitas (Since 2005)
Group of Security Advisors (Since 2010)
Reliable Securitas Technical Training Institute (Since 2015)

Election 2019 - Security Arrangements
Complete Safety, Security & Surveillance Arrangements
During Elections

We offer to provide complete Man & Machine Based Security & Surveillance Arrangements

What? Where? Why? When But How?
To Prevent, Prepare & Deploy

We Will Provide Truly Educated & Trained Security Professionals & Operators with Intelligence & Quick Performers

Have 24x7 Control & Full 360 Degree Safety : Security : Surveillance

Under The Guidance
D. C. Srivastava
Security Professional - Since 1993

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"Group of Security Advisors"

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Industrial Security Training

Welcome to RISM

Get Certified - Security Operation Professional, CCTV Security Operator, CCTV Security Maintenance Technician, IT & Networking Professional

We provide job oriented professional training programmes in most growing security education Security Electronics, IT & Networking sector.

Grow More, Get Many Opportunities, High Salaries & Bright Future in India & Abroad.

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Reliable Institute of Security Management

Congratulations Sri Narendra Modi JI
Sri Narendra Modi Ji, Directed BJP for Beautiful Historical Victory
Election 2019

Now It is again proved, election management, campaigning, needs dedicated digital platforms, social media, technology, enough money, excellent human resources & disciplined hard work in positive directions. 
It requires a True Dedicated Team
You made It Better than Others...

Therefore, if vision is big, then your preparations should be professionally designed by true dedicated professionals, integrated with technologies, skilled workforce, enough money & knowledge of the trade etc. etc.

Wonderful Sir...Sri Narendra Modi Ji
I congratulate again...


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